Tamir Elbassir was born on July 24, 1992 in Cairo, Egypt. He is a Sudanese Egyptian American director, actor, and stuntman from Los Angeles, CA. He came to the United States with his family when he was 11 months old and grew up in multiple cities in South Los Angeles. Tamir received his Associate’s degree in Theatre Acting from Long Beach City College and his Bachelor’s in Theatre Directing from the University of California, San Diego. Since graduating he has continued to work in film, television, commercials, print, and stunts in various capacities including: acting, directing, producing, stage management, fight coordination, script writing, casting, set construction, and production assisting. Outside of working in the industry, Tamir is a huge fan of hip hop music, traveling, painting, and boxing. In his free time he enjoys staying active, going to concerts, and spending time with his family.


(Partial List)

Mensch | (dir.) Derek A. Allison

A Modern Christmas Story | (dir.) Ryan Del Nero

Look Back | (dir.) Queen Kim

Hindsight is Plenty, Plenty(dir.) Fouad Abu Irshaid

Mystery in the Library | (dir.) Alyssa Renzi

Back in the No | (dir.) Daniel Fort

Me Little Me Supporting | (dir.) Elizabeth Ayiku

Brutal Realty Inc. | (dir.) Eric Boccio

Thirteen | (dir.) Sasha Sibley

Meeting Molly | (dir.) Parker Sargent

My Cousin | (dir.) Daniel Yonathan

The Tale of a Pusher | (dir.) Ryan Rachall

The Rage | (dir.) Ryan Rachall

Bizarre Murders (S.1 Ep. 5) | Bellum Entertainment

Medal of Honor (S.1 Ep. 8) | Allentown Productions



Appearance:  Ethnically Ambigious

Hair Color:  Brown

Eye Color:  Brown

Body Type:  Athletic

Height:  5’6″

Weight:  135 lbs

Suit: 36S

Neck: 14 1/2

Sleeve: 32

Waist: 29

Inseam: 30

Hat Size: 7 1/8

Shoe Size: 9 1/2

Languages:  English & Arabic

Dialects: English with California & New York Dialect and Arabic with Sudanese & Egyptian Dialect

Based: Los Angeles, CA